Cannabis Elevated is a podcast, offering insight into the evolving cannabis industry directly from the industry leaders. Each episode delves into the realities of operating a successful cannabis business.

Episode 13

MJardin Elevated: The CEO Letter

There’s no secret trick to becoming one of the strongest operations in cannabis. Industry veteran, MJardin, says what it really comes down to is “smart” business. Learn what that means from the company’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Jorge Boone, and the Executive Chairman & CEO of MJardin, Rishi Gautam.


Episode 12

How It Came to Be

Was cannabis always such an influential and controversial drug in Canada? How have perceptions and programs surrounding it changed? When was recreational use banned? Vice President of Operations for MJardin Canada, Brett Kennedy, tells the historical tale.


Episode 11

Becoming Legit

There are countless obstacles you must hurdle to becoming a federally licensed producer of cannabis in Canada: The lengthy process. The financial burden. The regulations. But is it all worth it? Jerry Silva, Founder of WILL Cannabis Group, gives us his candid perspective.


Episode 10

Cannabinoid. Canna-what?

What about cannabis enables it to produce such therapeutic effects? It has to do with something called cannabinoids. Learn what they are and how they work in the body from GrowForce’s Dr. Ashley Masri, ND and Danny Valentino, VP of Technology.


Episode 9

The Right Stuff

Turning a profit in the world of cannabis extraction takes perfect synergy – between the right team, the right products, the right experience, the right strategies. MJardin’s Chief Operating Officer, Duane Weiss, speaks to how each can truly distinguish a company in such a competitive market.


Episode 8

Forging a New Path

With their unique approach to operations and public markets GrowForce was launched as a vertically integrated cannabis platform based in Canada. Learn how they did it from James Lowe, GrowForce’s EVP of Operations, and Rishi Gautam, Executive Chairman of MJardin and Chairman & CEO of GrowForce.


Episode 7

The Time Has Come

The day for the full legalization of adult use cannabis in Canada is here. Jenn Juby, GrowForce’s Director of Retail Operations, and Danny Valentino, GrowForce’s VP of Technology, discuss what the retail side will look like and the steps Canada has taken to get to this point.


Episode 6

A Change for the Better

Cannabis is providing Canada a massive economic boost, largely due to the partnership and efforts of GrowForce, MJardin and Bridging Finance Inc. Discover how these companies are transforming Canada’s Indigenous communities from David Sharpe, CEO of Bridging Finance Inc., and Rishi Gautam, Executive Chairman of MJardin and Chairman & CEO of GrowForce.

Duration: 14:16

Episode 5

A Day in the Life

It takes more than just passion to run a top cannabis operation. There are countless complex processes that demand attention on a day-to-day basis. Director of Operations for MJardin, Pete Lottman, highlights some daily obstacles that a cannabis company faces.


Episode 4

Pest, Pathogens and Pesticides

If you think cannabis pest and pathogen control is easy, think again. MJardin’s Director of Special Operations, Nick Drury, details the difficulties growers face — from environment shifts to the fact that pesticides remain federally unregulated.


Episode 3

Leaving the Caveman Era of Extraction

Extraction is how you get the concentrated form of cannabis. And there are many ways to do it. MJardin’s Extraction Specialist, Mitch Lindback, provides an in-depth look at trending extraction methods.


Episode 2

The Struggle is Real

Pat Witcher, GrowForce’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, offers his take on compliance in a federally illegal market, the biggest misconceptions surrounding the Cole memo, and the different approaches taken by Canadian and American governments.


Episode 1

From Mom-and-Pop to the Industry’s Top

What does it take to dominate the cannabis market legally, financially and operationally? Two of MJardin’s top leaders – Co-founder and GrowForce Executive Vice President of Operations, James Lowe, and MJardin Executive Chairman and GrowForce Chairman & CEO, Rishi Gautam – guide us through the methodologies, philosophies and processes that transformed MJardin into a dominant force in the cannabis industry.