Insight into the evolving cannabis industry directly from the industry leaders.

Produced by MJardin Group, Cannabis Elevated is a weekly podcast that digs deep into the science, politics and culture surrounding the cannabis business.

Cannabis Elevated interviews a wide range of industry pioneers – from cannabis entrepreneurs and investors to product growers and manufacturers. Each guest sheds new light on the corporate cannabis world in the turbulent wake of an ever-expanding industry.

Discussion topics cover industry trends, issues, opportunities, technologies, and political developments.

MJardin is a highly specialized holding company, working in partnership with licensed cannabis operations. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, they are dedicated to legal cannabis around the world.

MJardin Management takes a scientific and large-scale approach to professional cannabis management. Leveraging their extensive experience in commercial cannabis, they utilize the latest design concepts, horticultural practices, and proprietary technologies.

Across all facilities, MJardin uses highly refined processes that are easily replicated and scaled, resulting in predictably higher yields, consistent quality and lower production costs.

MJardin Capital is a subsidiary of MJardin Group consisting of senior investment professionals with significant portfolio management experience. Collaborating with MJardin Management, they offer unique deal access, expert evaluation and ongoing management of licensed cannabis facilities.

GrowForce is a geographically diversified and vertically integrated cannabis platform based in Canada.

They are on a mission to become one of the premium licensed cannabis producers in Canada and other federally legal markets around the globe.

Throughout Canada, GrowForce invests in and manages production facilities, partners with various First Nations on cannabis job creation and retail market development, and provides for advanced patient care and adult-use products throughout Canada.

GrowForce flagship facilities are operated exclusively by MJardin Group.

GrowForce projects are financed by Bridging Finance Inc.

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